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In today’s business environment, you need a strong online presence – making your website rank highest to be seen. Without it, customers won’t able to see your website, your products or services. That means, your hard work becomes pointless.

The SHEKLIST will be your guide to helping you build the proper strategies and set up your website to be visible for search engines to crawl and bring your website up in front of the proper audience!


The SEO TOOLS you need to get your website on
Google and other search engines!

Use your social media channels to increase your website traffic

With the analysis and SEO PDF guide, you will gain knowledge how to draw traffic effectively and efficiently from Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram to your website.

Learn techniques that organically grow your website traffic.

From using the right wording, tagging images for blogging, SHEK SEO will provide various sources and methods to increase your traffic.


“SHEK SEO advised me on keyword traction and I am now on first page for Brooklyn Wedding Photographer”


“…before SHEKSEO, I had no idea how to show up in Google. Luckily for Susan’s help I am now ranking for all my galleries and venues with her help and transitions of my prior blog posts”


“…I have a lot of photos for blogging. It was immense work and redundant. Susan’s expertise in SEOs and her choice of tools made my work so much easier …”


Frequently asked questions

For whom these products and/or service for?

Business owners, freelancers and/or agencies whose income is heavily based on online presence (website, social media platforms and etc). Any aspiring entrepreneurs should learn at basic SEO to jumpstart your business.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a technique used to guide you in using the proper methods to rank online for your subject. Also it is about applying a digital marketing tool (e.g. usage of keywords, tagging visual media and others) to help a person’s website rank higher. Everyone can easily start with no prior knowledge or access to tools!

After receiving the PDF will there be more?

YES! You will be given with a lifetime access to my Facebook group where there will be more SEO tips and tricks. SHEK SEO Facebook group is a place where we can all learn and stay updated with the latest information. You can get help from other members but also you can ask questions to Susan for more guidance

Why SHEK SEO’s service?

With over a decade of experience in wedding photography, Susan Shek successfully established her online presence. She has been maintaining her business to show up on the first page for most of the keywords. In other words, she is competing with other SMBs (e.g. Brides, TheKnot and etc) just by following her SEO tactics.

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